Social Media Feedback

Do you think that social media is simply a time waster for everyday people, or perhaps self promotional machine to sell all of your products? If so, you are viewing the universe of social media through a keyhole.

Social media is where you interact with your potential customers as how you would if you are the host of a party. You provide interesting anecdotes, entertaining shows (i.e. Facebook live, a humorous photo or video, or a useful guide), create stimulating conversations, and most of all, listen.

On of the key values of this medium is how you can address customers’ grievances in a way that shows your professionalism and how much you care. Learn how to understand these social media feedback loops and help use them to generate more sales for your business.

Social Media Listening

We help you select the right software for you to “listen” to your market and also what people are saying about your company on the web.

Improving Sales Velocity

How to truly make use of social media to improve sales velocity and get your sales ramping upwards.

More Than Just Likes

Get more engagement, comments and qualified leads from your social media by learning how to funnel traffic to the right destinations.