Digital Experience Optimisation

In order to create the best digital experience to all your prospects and customers, you have to create content that informs and can generate word-of-mouth online. The digital experience of your consumer must be congruent.

At Gravitas, we believe in E = MC2

The best digital Experience = Mobile Ready to amplify a strong focus on Content Value and Customer Service

Start with your customer’s experience and weave that into your content, website and any other digital properties, and optimise it for the growing mobile user base. Earn their trust.

Mobile Ready

It is no longer sufficient to improve the site speed of your website, though still not to be discounted. You need to make sure that your website is optimised for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. A smaller screen and plenty of distractions mean me must consider the choice of words, visual hierarchy, marketing angles, and decisions that you want your prospects to take.

Content Value

Do not solely create self-promotional content. Create content that educates your prospects and clients. Tell them what to look out for in the market and educate them on their pain problems that they seek to relief. Create content that generates word of mouth.

“Content may be King, but context is God.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk, Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Customer Service

The best products and services truly solve something for the customer. By focusing on improving customer satisfaction, we can use their feedback to improve your products and services, and perhaps find new ways to solve new pain points.

The Best Digital Experience

Create a congruent digital experience consistent across all your digital properties, social media accounts as well as the websites that your client frequent. Strategy is required to ensure that every interaction is productive for both you and your customers