Business Channel Optimisation

“You need to have SEO your website.”

Businesses perform or delegate SEO their website in order to get “free” traffic from the search engines. For businesses that plan a bit further down the road, they may begin building a marketing funnel and crafting a content strategy to educate new visitors on why to buy from them.

In this day and age, however, it is simply not enough to perform SEO on your website. Your prospects don’t want to know more about your company. They want to know what you can do for them. That means, how you can best solve their problems and if your company truly cares about them.

These can’t be communicated by you raving about your own company. Being genuine is the key here. Even if your company truly is the best, they wouldn’t believe you. That is, not unless you have a strong reputation. You need to tap into the voices of other websites, social testimonials and evidence showing that you care. Nowadays, the ease of doing research online allows your prospects to dig into keywords like “company name/service + reviews, scam, complaints”.

The internet has all of your company’s history (even fake history).

You can’t simply SEO your own website anymore. Every other channel, website, social media sites is a BUSINESS FRONT that may affect the actions taken by your prospects before they contact you through your website’s contact form. Because of all the factors introduced, SEO has to be done as part of a broader picture–a picture that also contains advertising and social media strategies. Hence, we call it BCO (business channels optimisation).

Traffic and Backlinks Strategy

BCO helps your business to gain visitors from other websites, optimising beneficial articles to appear whenever your prospects search for you, indirectly also helping your own SEO to improve.

Online Market Research

We research all of your competitors in the marketplace online, find out the spots whereby you can create an unfair advantage and acquire prospects from there.

Multinational Traffic Strategy

We will create a strategy whereby you can optimise your international or regional traffic without creating websites that is out of context for many of your overseas prospects.

Quarterly Execution Steps

We tend to plan 6 months in advance and prepare for you the execution steps that your team can execute without breaking any momentum or appearing incongruent.